Hospice Caregiver Award

A program created in honor of Frank B. Harris and presented by Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home & Crematory as a way of recognizing the many caregivers of Hospice of Western Kentucky who go above and beyond to love and serve others with excellence.

Hospice Caregiver Award Program

We have always heard the wonderful stories of the care Hospice of Western Kentucky provide.  In 2012 it went from being a story heard to a story lived.  My grandfather and hero Frank B. Harris brought Hospice of Western Kentucky into his home in November of 2012.  Our family was so uncertain and fearful of what would happen in the months ahead.  The compassion, guidance and care they provided turned doubt into hope. My grandfather passed away August 11, 2013. My family and I will be forever grateful to the staff who have devoted their lives to making others lives better.  

Because of this, along with the numerous stories we hear from others who are touched by Hospice of Western Kentucky's care, we have created the Hospice Caregiver Award as a way to recognize and thank the caregivers of Hospice for their selfless service to the many families in our community.  

We are pleased to announce the latest recipient of the Hospice Caregiver Award, Joy Wilson. Her nomination read;

Joy Wilson is our lead home care nurse for Muhlenberg and Hopkins counties. Her dedication to her patients and passion for hospice care does not go unnoticed. Families trust her in the care of their loved ones because she truly shows how much she cares and goes the extra mile. Her down to earth demeanor will make you feel like your family when she's caring for your family and her sense of urgency to patients needs means the world. Thank you Joy for all you do for Hospice of Western Kentucky and the families we serve. Your very much appreciated.

A special thanks to Joy Wilson for her commitment to service excellence. - If you would like to nominate an individual for their service, please email nathan@haleymcginnis.com the name of the person you are nominating and the reason for doing so.  At the end of each month we will recognize the recipient for their continued efforts to provide love and care to all they serve.