Grief & Healing

You're Not Alone

Executive director of counseling

Like so many of you, I became acquainted with deep grief at a very early age. For years, I tried to fight it off or to run away. And then it occurred to me: "Don't resist it; let it in, befriend your sadness. And never try to do it alone."

Eventually, I developed a friendship with grief, and have come to understand that it is only in my grieving - and in my mourning - that healing can ever really happen.

Whatever it is that has brought you to your grief, I want to help you. You never really get over it; you learn instead to move through it, sometimes trudging, sometimes dancing. Consider your time spent with me in these pages as your dancing lessons.

Please use these resources and call us for help when you're ready.

- Dr. Carroll

Good Grief

Good Grief

Please know this, even when you believe that you have considered all the evidence: You are not alone. You are not alone in this loss, in your grief, in this sadness and this despair. You are not alone in your questions, your rage, your protesting, and your prayers. Click here for more.