Grief Support Resources

You have arrived and are reading these words, more likely than not, because someone you love has died, because either you or someone you care about is grieving. There is pain, there is deep sadness in every loss, and yours is no exception. You may find yourself wondering: Is there anyone who understands? Anyone who will help me? 

We could not be more grateful that you have navigated your way to this place at this moment, in the midst of whatever it is you may be enduring. No one should ever have to experience any kind of loss and the myriad feelings that grief brings with it alone. 

Please know this, even when you believe that you have considered all the evidence: You are not alone.

You are not alone in this loss, in your grief, in this sadness and this despair. You are not alone in your questions, your rage, your protesting, and your prayers. 

You are not alone. In short, that is our promise. 

The covenant that we at Haley-McGinnis enter into with you is not one that is merely about logistics, arrangements, scheduling, services, and fees. This is not just about a job that needs doing and needs doing well. 

This is a path. A process. A journey without maps. The covenant that we make with you is about a promise to be present with you, to walk alongside you down this road, wherever it may lead, and to make certain that you are not alone on it. 

Truth be told, we have all been there, or will one day be. Grief over any kind of loss is a reality that everyone of us must eventually face. It is so very important to us that you know that you are not alone in your struggle, and that there is help.

Everyone grieves differently. Those who are grieving now must find their own way. But they are not alone and there are markers along the trail to guide you. 

Within these pages we hope you will find the pebbles that we have carefully placed along the path to be helpful markers to help you find your way. These resources include literature on the nature and purpose of grief, strategies for experiencing and growing through grief, resources for connecting with others who are grieving, ways of honoring those whom you have loved and lost, prayers, etc. 

But most importantly, to honor you and the covenant we’ve made with you, we will provide you, should you so need or desire, with time spent with our Pastoral Counselor-in-Residence, Dr. Jonathan Eric Carroll, KLPC, who specializes in Grief Therapy. (You are welcome to read more about him here. Dr. Jonathan Eric Carroll, KLPC )

Remember: you are not alone. That is our promise. Peruse these pages, make a list of your questions, and let us know how we can help to hold the light so that you can begin to make your first steps down this strange, new path that is the rest of your life. We are here.

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