Heroes Act

Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home & Crematory is committed to the communities and families we serve and support our Heroes of Public Safety and their families. In addition, our full services with burial or cremation are guaranteed when purchase is in advance of need (not at time of death). 

For planning ahead, please call 270.684.9891. For immediate services, call 270.684.9891

Your Arrangements

We strongly urge you to have arrangements made with us in advance of need. There is considerable information needed in the event of your death. How would your family know where to locate this documentation or how to properly memorialize you? We guide you through the process. It takes less than two hours and will give you peace of mind in knowing that during some of the most difficult times in the lives of people who care most about you, they can be focused on their own needs because your final arrangements are complete.

Being proactive about end-of-life planning alleviates stress for your family and other survivors. Alleviating the stress involved in making funeral arrangements can contribute greatly to the healing of a surviving spouse and other loved ones. Decisions made together are better than decisions made separately. We encourage you to visit one of our Advance Planning Advisors to get your wishes on file.

Planning in Advance for Other

While our policy covers public safety officers killed in the line-of-duty, you would be wise to plan for yourself and, if applicable, your spouse and parents.

Arrangements for your spouse, parents or other family members can be financed in advance through a very simple and affordable method. During some of the most difficult times in their lives, the survivors will be grateful that the details and funding were available.

Honoring our Heroes

Honoring our Heroes 

As part of our commitment in honoring the Public Safety Community, Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home & Crematory has created the Heroes of Public Safety Program for emergency service personnel. This program provides dignified and honorable tributes, at no cost, for career and volunteer Public Servants who die in the line-of-duty.

Those who protect and serve our community have a special place in our hearts. Every day, they leave their homes and families to serve people they have never met, but are sworn to defend. When death occurs, funerals for public safety officers should reflect honor and respect for their service. For nearly 100 years, Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home & Crematory has offered free services for those killed in the line-of-duty. This includes law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical service workers. We believe we bring a special degree of sensitivity to a sad and tragic situation.

Policy Statement

We provide a metal casket, our professional services, memorial book, folders, thank-you notes and up to two limousines. We will charge only for the direct cash advances (such as a clergy honorarium) or enhancements requested by the family. As a further expression of our concern, we will also attempt to collect the Worker’s Compensation Death Benefit, any other benefits applicable, and pay these funds as a donation to the closest next-of-kin.

Of equal or greater importance than the donation of our services is the professionalism and experience we bring to this situation. There is no more difficult funeral to organize and carry out. It requires a tremendous amount of planning and organization. We script the services and practice before the event so all involved are clear on their roles. Because viewing the deceased is so important to survivors, we employ a superior preparation staff. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to carry out a fitting final tribute.

*This policy is subject to change.